Improving Sales with Social Media

Remember the days of milkmen and door-to-door sales? We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Sales methods have evolved just like the world we’re in, but now the floodgates have opened and we have virtual sales methods at our fingertips. The wonderful thing is, social media connects you with people you may have otherwise never had the opportunity to touch. In this article, we will briefly touch on e-mail marketing, Facebook and Instagram. Although there are other forms of social media for advertising purposes, word limits will only allow so much!

E-mail Marketing. The proliferation of email has actually hurt the traditional mail-out business. In fact, email newsletters have given rise to software which makes it easy to create and send a weekly or monthly newsletter if you wish. The software is so simple to use that my ten year-old nephew can send newsletters. The one I recommend is because of its ‘newsletter-for-dummies’ approach. With newsletters, you can highlight your product, but also elaborate a bit more than a static ad would. You can use this method to discuss industry trends and even establish your company as an authority in your field. It’s a great way to keep your business top of mind for clients and the software will allow you to keep and grow your database.

Facebook Advertising. This is one of my favourite methods to spread the word. Creating a Facebook business page is very easy and once you allot a budget (it won’t burn a hole into your pocket) you can target ads to whomever you wish. Feel free to use videos, pictures and make your content interesting so that persons are drawn to what you have posted.

Instagram. This is an incredible medium which allows you to share the actual personality of your business. In 60-seconds, you can create more authority and trust than a simple text blast or even an email would normally be able to. Then there is the Instagram Story feature. Oh, boy! You can add location tags, polls, questions, prompts, captions…I can go on! A call-to-action is always a good thing when it comes to advertising. The polling feature is therefore an excellent selling tool for your business. If you can, post daily video stories with a call-to-action at the end.

One of the great features of both Instagram and Facebook is the direct messaging feature. This type of engagement is very personal. Never, ever, ever forget to reply or check your direct messages, since these are clients who actually want to reach out to you. With this feature, you have a personal interface which is as close as it gets to sitting with your client face to face and having a conversation.

Social media is an exceptionally good tool for sales. It’s how you use it that would make all the difference to your business!