The Importance of a Personal Assistant

I know…if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably read the title of this article and asked if I was on some kind of substance. After all – you may surmise – a personal assistant is an added cost to a business, which may already have a multitude of bills to pay at the end of each month. I urge you to think of a personal assistant as an investment in your business. Outlined below are some of the reasons for my urging.

  1. Keeping appointments. You may think Siri is a great assistant – and believe me, she is – but there are some things Artificial Intelligence still may not be able to do. For example, you have a meeting next week and it’s the client’s birthday. Siri may be able to remind you a day or so before, you may pay attention to the reminder, have all intentions of getting a gift, but then the day gets in the way. On the day of the meeting, Siri reminds you about it and you head to the meeting, only remembering the gift when it’s too late. You see, a human personal assistant would probably call you a few times to remind you; or you could even ask the assistant to make the purchase and have it wrapped and ready!
  2. Small things. You want to focus on strategy in building your business. While entrepreneurs are accustomed to doing almost everything themselves, if you want to build efficiently, you must let go of certain menial tasks. For example, standing in line at the bank. Going to the post office. Paying bills. Have you ever added up the amount of time you spend weekly on these chores? A personal assistant can free up your time so that you have more time for charting the way forward for your business.
  3. Giving you time for family. Sometimes we may get so wrapped up in work, we may forget our very own family. Good personal assistants remind you of birthdays, anniversaries and important dates, so that you always remember to make them special. I know of a man who went through a broken marriage because his wife and children felt ignored. The last straw was when he forgot their son’s sixteenth birthday. It is something he regrets to this day. As mentioned before, your time is also a bit freed up, so that you may actually be able to spend weekends with your family instead of in the office.
  4. Building your brand. After time has passed, personal assistants usually become very involved in you and your business. This is when things get really good! This is when you can trust your personal assistant to send gifts, emails and other communication to clients on your behalf, since he or she would have grown to know you so well – your unique tastes and the way you speak.

I hope that after reading this you realise how valuable a personal assistant can truly be. It is an investment in your business; but more importantly, an investment in yourself.