Building Goodwill for Your Brand

We all know that people love people who make them feel special. Think about the last time someone paid you a compliment, gave a gift or simply provided a recommendation for a potential job for you. You appreciated that person’s deed and chances are, you won’t likely forget them. How do we transfer this type of goodwill to a brand? Today’s article will briefly outline some proven methods of doing so.

Surprise the customer. I got a dollar back when I purchased shoes the other day. The accompanying comment, with a smile, was, “We help you save a dollar!” As trivial as this sounds, it was a memorable experience and I will certainly shop there again, along with recommending that my friends do, too!

Love people. This should be a natural equation when it comes to businesses, but sometimes love doesn’t equal profits. For a company called Pret A Manger (I recommend you read any case study on this restaurant line) it does. They sell only fresh food. Daily. No leftovers. What’s so special about that? At the end of the day, any unsold food is given to the homeless. I’ve seen this myself; and it caused me to eat lunch every day for seven days, while in Washington, at that specific location.

Give more than you get. What’s the value of a dollar? That depends totally on who’s answering the question. Make the dollar count and add a bonus for the customer. Some companies push loyalty cards, while others may have grand prize draws. Whatever it is, ensure the customer feels that he gets more when he’s with you.

Court the customer. Make the client feel special. This is why I used the word “court”. It’s almost like dating. The customer will always come back where he feels appreciated. How you do that is for you and your ad agency to determine.

Be real. If you made an error, don’t cover it up. Apologize. If you support a cause, say so. Look at Nike and Kaepernick. Has the brand suffered or grown? He’s now known as Nike’s billion-dollar man!

So, when thinking about goodwill, all you really have to do is think about the “good” and the rest follows!