Lessons from a Mogul

I had the priceless opportunity to interface with a most respected business mogul last week. On the verge of my 38th birthday, I asked him to share with me some of his ‘secrets’ to his massive success. Obviously, I will be sharing them with you in today’s article!

My mother once told me that getting rid of a habit is one of the most difficult exercises in life. She said, “Take off the ‘h’ and you still have ‘a bit’; take off the ‘a’ and you still have the ‘bit’; take off the ‘b’ and you still have ‘it’!!!” As he also agreed with me, the businessman mentioned that getting rid of his bad habits (his were smoking and drinking) and constantly checking himself to ensure that they did not recur, was one of his success secrets. The alcohol made him heavy and slow; and he refused to engage in alcoholic beverages, since he claims he has an addictive personality. He quit drinking about ten years ago. Quitting smoking was easier – he claims – when his wife fell ill with breast cancer.

“Anyone who says they can’t quit is lying. When my wife fell ill, I quit the day we got the news. I have never touched a cigarette since. Habits are all in the mind.”

Indeed, the mind plays a powerful part on the path to successful behaviour.

  1. Eat without distraction. A lady by the name of Manuela always reminds me to eat mindfully. What this means is that you don’t watch television, check updates on your phone or do anything of the sort that can distract you from your meal. The mogul stated that digital distractions take away from the joy of enjoying a meal. “The digestive process occurs more naturally, you get a chance to feel grateful and really enjoy the moment,” he said. How is this related to success? He states that mindful eating helps one focus on increased energy. Never rush your meals.

  2. Prepare your day the night before. Robin Sharma, one of the businessman’s mentors, has a weekly schedule. He pulled out his to show it to me. Each night, he plans his days ahead, although his entire week is planned the Sunday before. This is because additional meetings or events may come up; and he wants to ensure that he is mentally prepared for the day ahead.

  3. Rise early. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise,” he says. He lives by that mantra. While there are many successful executives who may not rise at what some may call an ungodly hour, he maintains that early rising is magical and that there is time to meditate and not rush into one’s day.

So, there you have it! Put these three simple steps into practice and let me know how they work for you!