Brand Launch Checklist

It’s quite exciting getting ready for a brand launch; and you surely want audiences to be as excited as you are. Today’s article is a checklist to ensure that all bases are covered when launching your brand.

1.       Budget. As with most things, you want to ensure that your ideas are not too ambitious when it comes to the availability of the purse, so plan how much you are prepared to spend when it comes to the elements of the launch. Would you be catering for 200 people? What about media packs, new memorabilia and the like? Check and double-check so that you have fun and are effective with the launch, without bursting the bank.

2.       Focus on your people. Ensure that each person, from ancillary staff to the CEO, understands the culture you wish to create. There must be internal buy-in when it comes to the vision and ethos of the organization or else it cannot be effectively translated to the external customer. You may wish to have a soft launch of sorts for internal staff only, before you go to market with the big shebang.

3.       Social Media. All social media should reflect the excitement surrounding the launch of the brand. If your launch occurs on the first day of December, do not wait until the second day to unveil everything on your Facebook page or your website to post. This is where social media scheduling comes in handy!

4.       Hit the ground running! Ensure that you have a strong communications team, who will get your message to the target market you require. If you’re launching an alcoholic beverage, for example, it is important to place posters in bars, send memorabilia to restaurants and even target your social media ads to males, say, over 30, depending on your demographic.

5.       Remember that you launch once. Your product, your people, the location for the launch and all elements accompanying it must reflect your brand. You do not get to launch a product twice – at least not in quick succession – and this means that you absolutely must get it right the first time.

If you do not have a planning committee, remember that you cannot do it alone. You would need at least an event co-ordinator and perhaps an event planner to ensure that your image is taken care of; and that on the day itself, you are not distracted by any events that could otherwise be taken care of by someone else. A brand launch is a very exciting event, so plan it well, execute and most importantly, have fun!