The Changing Face of Advertising

If you’re a Netflix junkie, chances are you know about the series “Mad Men” and how advertising boomed back in the 1960’s coming out of Madison Avenue. Advertising became a multi billion dollar business and remains so today. In fact, the average Western consumer is bombarded with over 500 messages daily. So, how does your business stand out amidst all this clutter?
We all know about the great brands: Google, Coca Cola, Nike and the like. We also know they have big budgets and are therefore able to catapult their message onto the world stage, a mile a minute. Your business budget may be smaller. Much smaller. So, how do you effectively advertise your business in the marketplace?
One client of mine maintains that she can administer her own advertising, with a Facebook page and her website. Another client, a much bigger one, has hired an agency to do all things advertising. Truth is, the way you advertise your business depends on the vision you have for it, size of business and impact you wish to receive.
For example, a lady who sells natural juices tells me she just wants to pay her bills and have a little left over to travel. For her, the Facebook approach is adequate. However, for businesses who wish to grow, one cannot sacrifice advertising budgets simply because online advertising seems to be the cheaper option. For example, I know of one client who fired his agency since he thought his staff could handle online ads since it was “so simple”.
Truth is, while you can indeed bring advertising matters in house, there must still be proper commitment to the strategy behind it. Yes, television and traditional paper seem very expensive when it comes to comparing them with Instagram or Google ads. However, there may still be a segment of the market you wish to reach who may be more impacted by a press ad than by a passing google ad.
My recommendation is that if you decide to bring advertising into the confines of your business, at least one person must be truly committed to heading a team or sharing the plans for the brand. Or else, your brand strength can easily be eroded.
While each post or each campaign doesn’t have to be mind blowing like a Superbowl ad, surely each message to your consumer should be communicated in a palatable way. Splattering prices and photos across a page in a willy nilly fashion will hardly get the type of consumer you want, if you’re trying to reach a discerning client. Conversely, that may be exactly what you need if you’re a low cost wholesaler! Let the advertising mad men advise you - with your input of course - because their skill and expertise, even in the changing landscape can still work for you.