Do you believe in "Hustle"?

“Work smart, not hard.”
“No rush, just paying bills.”
I heard both comments in the past week, both from young entrepreneurs who wanted more but couldn’t seem to get “lucky”.

Today’s article hopes to shed some perspective for those of us who who may be wearing dark shades when it comes to success in business. The credit for the following quote is usually misplaced, so what I will simply tell you is that I subscribe to this statement: The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get. There is a train of thought that believes hard work is for seniors; the old approach to building an empire. However, I point you to folks like Jay-Z, Mark Zuckerburg and even Rihanna. If anyone thinks they work smart and not hard, this is a sorry mistake.

I read Jay-Z’s biography a while ago and one thing that stood out is that the guy hustled to get where he is today. Literally. He would take small jobs doing things he otherwise didn’t want to, while rhyming and creating rhythms for hours at a time. What this tells me is that he realized that it all adds up. Little jobs add up; based on the success of the little jobs you get bigger offers…and the rest is history.  Mark Zuckerberg’s life may seem thrilling as a young billionaire with a family, but one look at his workload may perhaps scare you off! Balance is key, not laziness. An entitled attitude leaves the entrepreneur nowhere near success. In fact, it may even turn others (who may genuinely want to see you succeed) away from trying to offer a helping hand.

  • Whether you call it hustling or simply hard work, setting time and strategizing towards success is absolutely necessary
  • You may opine that some offers are “beneath” you. My personal experience: I washed dishes and wiped tables before I became COO of one of the biggest media houses in the Caribbean
  • Every little bit adds up. One job may only be $400. . Add to that seven or eight other like jobs and you see where I’m going.

An entrepreneur never really has only one job. Each client is like your boss, so you report to each
separately. This may sometimes be overwhelming but the return on this is that you get to schedule your own time (most of the time).

Reality check: good things come to those who hustle. Never let the word “hustle” denote negative images in your head. Hustle in this sense does not mean knocking down everything in your way; it simply gives a sense of urgency to what you’re doing: and that hopefully, is building your empire!

Lots of love & good vibes, Veoma Ali

Veoma Ali is an Advertising Executive, with a Ph.D in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration.