Business and Self Esteem

The very term “self confidence” or “self esteem” can stimulate horrible thoughts of most embarrassing moments, high-school bullies or even body weight. Some of us are naturally shy; and I want to assure you that being shy does not necessarily equate to low self esteem. Self esteem is how you perceive yourself, how you judge yourself, or the manner in which you weigh your own psychology and physiology. 

But what does self esteem (not arrogance) have to do with business success?  Research shows that there is a direct connection between quality of life and self esteem. Insecurity can prevent us from making certain decisions, taking certain risks and networking. The latter all speak to not
just the personal, but to the professional part of our existence. Of course, the world in which we live loves the insecure human being. In fact, the “insecurity industry” makes billions each year.  When it comes to body shaming, the type of clothes we wear, our energy levels or even how we smell, various industries want us to think that we are not enough. Hopefully, these tips can help you boost your self esteem and by extension, give a booster shot to the way you conduct business.

  1. Be mindful. Be aware of everything you say and do. Are you breathing deeply? Interestingly enough, something as seemingly simple as the way we breathe can affect our level of calm.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “cool, calm and confident”? The cool and the calm come before the confident, notice that?!? Breathe slowly and deeply.
  2. Know your purpose. Without direction, we’re all just vessels floating around with the wind.  What’s at your core? What’s your passion? What do you really like to do? Some people view their children as their purpose, others start or work with a charity, while others may look forward to playing a certain sport each weekend. Distance yourself from money, house size or anything material for a moment; and think about something that truly fulfils you.
  3. Be part of the right crowd. The people you spend most of your time with determine how you feel about yourself. Is someone always trying to insult you or put you down? Distance yourself from that person. Associate with those who uplift and motivate you to do better. Oppressive relationships will directly lead to lower self esteem.
  4. Stop comparing. One of my friends is a pediatric surgeon. She’s an extremely kind, beautiful and outgoing person. Her self esteem is extremely low. Why? Because she measures herself against some of our friends who are married, with numerous children. (She’s single and childless) Now tell me this: why would you compare yourself with others, when their goals, motivations and entire lives are totally different from yours? Define your success. Keyword: “your”!
  5. Reflect on your successes. It’s important to celebrate your success, however small you think it may be. Treat yourself nicely. Get a massage, have a glass of your favourite drink. Eat dessert!  Reward yourself and ensure that you make yourself feel special and appreciated. It is said that in order to truly love someone, you must first love yourself…and this is what self confidence really is – loving yourself.

Lots of love & good vibes, Veoma Ali

Veoma Ali is an Advertising Executive, with a Ph.D in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration.