Burning the Candle at Both Ends

We all do it from time to time. Whether it's a night of partying and then a mad rush to work the next morning; or helping the children with home-work and then trying to catch up with some leftover work from the office...next thing you know, it's 2:30 in the morning and you're yet to get to bed.

And the cycle continues.

Interestingly enough, while some may pride themselves on being workaholics, overworking your mind and body could never be good for your health. Take it from me: I've seen people get ulcerated stomachs, hypertension and even heart attacks because of stressing themselves mentally. In fact, one of the fittest people I know suffered a heart attack at age 50; and it is his firm belief that a lack of rest and constant worry about his finances led to his dire situation.

I'm sure you've heard, "Work smarter." I know it can sound to some like gibberish. How can I "work smarter" if my boss is a dictator? Or, how can I "work smarter" with five children pulling me in separate ways? Or, "I don't have a personal assistant, Veoma!"

The answer is simple: plan and prioritize. You are not alone. Some of the most successful people have had to manage their time, just like you, in spite of children, studies, finances...and even in-laws!

Here are my top three tips when it comes to ensuring you don't suffer from burnout:

  1. Be selfish. This doesn't mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic. It simply means learning to say no and ensuring that you make time for yourself and stick to it.
  2. Schedule your upcoming week on Saturdays. Take about an hour and plan your time by the hour, per day, for the next week. (A simple Excel template can be created to do this)
  3. Don't be a slave to other people's schedules. Plan your meetings back to back so that no meeting is allowed to go overtime.  Check your emails at certain times throughout the day. (After all, emails are other people's demands on YOUR time)

And remember how much time can be devoured by the television and social media. As I sit here writing in a waiting room, I can see two employees of this organisation. One is excitedly playing a game on his phone and the other has been watching CNN for the past half hour.

Use your time wisely. Get some rest and have a less stressful life!

-Lots of love & good vibes, Veoma Ali

Veoma Ali is an Advertising Executive, with a Ph.D in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration.