The Spirit Of A Salesman

Have you ever met someone who’s super successful at sales?  I’m not talking about the fast-talking, sleazy type con-artist in a suit. I’m talking about someone loved by clients, who enjoys what he does and happens to have made loads of money while selling his product. Know anyone?  Want to be like that?  Today, I hope to give you some pointers which will help you along the way to super sales stardom.

  1. Create a plan. Yes, this goes without saying; and if you’re a busy person, you perhaps already have your timetable set out in your cell phone or a planner which you live by. But what about drilling a bit deeper? How about creating blocks of your day where you check email? I mentioned this before and one person said, “Veoma, don’t be anal!” As far as I know, it is the most organised people who get the most done! Schedule every hour of your day, as if you’re the Queen of England…never mind what others think, they don’t even have to know!
  2. Sleep well. Is Scandal on tonight? Better yet, that movie you wanted to see opens tonight at the cinema! Slow down, Buster. I guarantee there will be re-runs and that you could easily get that movie on DVD or you could plan to go on a night when your next day isn’t too hectic. Regular sleep patterns have been proven to associate with better performance by us humans. Get the right amount of sleep needed every night.
  3. Eat well. “I eat Ramen noodles and chocolate all the time,” said no high performer, ever. While your body may be able to handle this, plus nights out with your buddies in your twenties, as we get older, our bodies start yelling at us to ensure we do the right thing when it comes to nutrition. I’m a classic example. I confess: I used to eat Ramen noodles and chocolate all the time, along with my favourite drink, Coca-Cola. What happened? A medical emergency that told me to get smart if I want to remain sales efficient. We only have one body; we need to really take care of it.
  4. Don’t try to do it all at once. How many meetings do you have today? Ten? One – or maybe more – of those meetings will suffer. Some may go over time, for whatever reason and your day may therefore end at the same ten…o’clock, that is! Keeping fewer meetings shorter can lead to better efficiency when it comes to achieving results for your clients and for your bottom line.
  5. Finally, take a vacation! We perhaps can all relate to the characters on Mad Men, where we want to be so efficient that we rack up hundreds of vacation days over the years. One of the CEO’s who mentored me ended up with 422 vacation days owed to him over the many years of service. He never got to use them because he died from a heart attack several years before he was to retire. We all need a break, so ensure you get yours!

Lots of love & good vibes, Veoma Ali

Veoma Ali is an Advertising Executive, with a Ph.D in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration.