Getting Organised Is Easy

The other day I was looking for a mechanism to improve my productivity. When I say that, I mean
something or someone who’d help me manage my time more efficiently, so that I could have more time to myself at the end of each day. As a business owner, you may be looking for the same type of solution.  Unlike me, you may be able to dole out thousands of dollars each month to pay a personal assistant or an office secretary.  But what I found during my search is worth sharing, as some of these solutions are cost-effective.

Okay…let me use the correct word: “cheap”. There are dozens of good Apps, along with downloadable software that can be purchased for a one-time fee. I will give you my opinion on two Apps in particular, Things and RescueTime.

Things: this is available for approximately $20 on your iPhone and is able to break down chores into bite-size pieces. It will sync across all your Apple devices and you simply type in your ‘to-do’ list and it organises it for you in terms of time availability. If you don’t get something done, the App sends it to tomorrow, so that you remember you actually have this item overdue. The checklist may be downloaded, printed or even shared with colleagues, family or friends.

RescueTime: How much time do you waste each day? I’m not pointing fingers, I will tell you that
sometimes I find myself wasting more than an hour at a time. By simply scrolling through Facebook or watching programmes on television that I don’t even find interesting, the hours add up at the end of a week; and then there is a deluge of regret. If this is you, then this App is perfect. It monitors your desktop usage, so that it can give you a tally on how much time you actually spend on a new window. So, if you begin the day as a very disciplined person, concentrating on your spreadsheet, the minute you open a new window to check out the latest music video, RescueTime resets the clock so that you see how much time you’re spending on what. It paints a very vivid picture of how you’re managing – or not – your time.

While both Apps are very good, I must say that I even checked on virtual assistants. The Internet can bring thousands to you at the click of a mouse. From India to Canada to Afghanistan, virtual assistants range from $25 per week to $2,500. It depends on how many hours they devote to you; and how much you actually want them to do. Amazing, isn’t it?

At the end of the day, I ended up not spending a cent. Let me tell you my system: I use an Excel file, divide it into days of the week vertically and hours of each day horizontally. Then, I fill up each hour(s) with the meetings, chores or activities I need to do. Where there is extra time, it could be for meditation, playing with my pets or even learning a new language. Investigate the options; and feel free to use mine if you like!

Lots of love & good vibes, Veoma Ali

Veoma Ali is an Advertising Executive, with a Ph.D in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration.