How You Can Achieve LEGENDARY Status!

Do you, like most people, get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, rinse and repeat?

How’s that cycle working out for you?

While some are happy with this type of schedule, people like you are not. Please feel free to download the pdf document from this page and keep it in a place you’re sure to see every day. It’s a guide to keep you focused on achieving your full potential.

Whatever you do - whether you’re a sales person, a chef or even a stay-at-home parent, it’s empowering to know that you’re fulfilling the role you wish to fulfill, in the best possible way.

Here’s a list of questions to refer to whenever you need focus:

  1. Am I doing what I love? If the answer is yes, remember the law of gratitude. You get more of what you’re thankful for. If the answer is no, make a list of what you’re passionate about. If you could choose one thing in life that you’d love to do every day, what would it be? Be honest and open with yourself. I know an attorney who quit her job to stay home with her kids and made a career out of it, writing children’s books! Don’t judge your desire. What you want is just as important as what others want. After you make that list, consider how you could make your desire a reality. For some, the transition can be quick, while for others, it may take a side hustle and several years. Work according to your pace. Remember, the only way to truly become great is to do what lights your fire.
  2. What is my true purpose? Sometimes, you may have your dream job, wealth and a super-loving family. But, if you’re not fulfilling your true calling, life can be a drab. How do you know what your true purpose is, though? What doesn’t feel like work but produces results for you? Some people have a passion to teach, but they’re employed as managers at a company. Pursuing your passion doesn’t mean quitting your job (although you can make plans to do so eventually) but it means finding the joie de vivre and using it to make a global impact. So, the manager who loves teaching may decide to tutor a few evenings per week until he or she may be able to open their own school! The possibilities are endless.
  3. Am I comparing myself? Avoid comparison syndrome at all costs. The unhappiest people are those who continually try to keep up with the Joneses. Must you always have the latest iPhone? Does your house really need an extra floor? Do you have to change your car every five years? In order to follow dreams, money is necessary. Want to open that school? The processes, infrastructure and hiring of talent all necessitate money. Want to start your own business? The seed money is important; and while you may have to borrow money from a financial institution, the less you borrow, the better. Try to save. Think Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest men. He never bought a bigger house, he eats pretty much the same breakfast each day and he’s not an extravagant guy. I’m not saying to deprive yourself, but be wise when it comes to spending money as opposed to investing it. What’s the return on the dollars you use? In other words, is the expenditure helping you get closer to your goals?

It is my hope that you feel fulfilled at the end of each day. As you peruse my website, feel free to reach out to me in the “Let's Sell” section and I’ll be sure to always offer you my best advice.  Keep these questions handy and continue to search your soul, be honest with yourself and become the legend that you’re meant to be!

Lot of love & good vibes, Veoma Ali

Veoma Ali is an Advertising Executive, with a Ph.D in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration.