Time Is Greater Than Money

See the equation above? Just in case you’re not mathematically inclined, it means “time is greater than money”. For business owners in particular, this is the case, especially if your company bills by the hour.  For anyone, though, once you give someone a chunk of your time, it is irretrievable.

Here are some time-saving tips for you as a business professional.

  1. Schedule! I remember meeting Mike Hogan back in 2005. As a Digicel man who was known for landing at parties in helicopters to make a grand entrance and so on, I noticed that while he had many, many meetings, he also made time to socialise. His method? Each morning, he’d write a list of his things to do for the day. After striking them all off, the rest of the day was his! Make a list and stick to it.
  2. The Pomodoro Technique. Ever heard of this? It’s basically chunking your time into sessions. For example, working on a project for twenty-five minutes straight (no distractions) and then taking five minute breaks at each interval. It is said that the breaks contribute to energy spurts and that you are more efficient in the use of the staggered blocks of time.
  3. Close the door! I met one of my former colleagues the other day. She said, “One thing I always liked about you, Veoma: you had an open-door policy.” What a mistake back then! Actually, an open door policy is good, but literally keeping your door open, isn’t. I used to have my door open and anyone would walk in, pull up a chair; and there would go about thirty minutes of my time in conversation about something that had very little to do with my tasks at hand.
  4. Avoid distractions. This could be something that is really tantalizing. Like that free pizza special down the road between 1 and 2 p.m. when you purchase a Coke. I mean, what an offer! But think about the time it would take for you to get there, line up and then get back. Not to mention that you haven’t yet consumed that pizza! Distractions come in all forms: cute kitten videos on Facebook, a cricket match where you simply want to check the scores, or even a colleague wanting to bounce an idea off of you. Your time, your schedule. No distractions, okay?
  5. Finally, let’s take a look at the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your results basically should come from twenty percent of your efforts. Is that currently happening? Let me tell you, sometimes you have to say no – even to clients. A former client of mine was paying me less than I would have ever charged at the time for marketing and advertising. In other words, I felt sorry as she had a small budget. But, good grief! Almost every hour, the phone would ring. Another request. She’d ask me to pick up and deliver cheques to the providers. When I got to the provider, the cheque would be written for ten years earlier! This scattered approach was a massive time waster. And, even though she was a client, I had to let her go.

You see, time is more precious than money. Once it is gone, you can never ever get it back!

Lots of love & good vibes, Veoma Ali

Veoma Ali is an Advertising Executive, with a Ph.D in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration.