Veoma Ali


Marketing Specialist


Veoma Ali is a broadcaster, writer and Communications Specialist, known for her weekly show, Capital V on the Weekend on 99.3 in Barbados. She completed her Bachelor of Laws degree at the UWI Cave Hill Campus in 2002 and fell in love with the island of Barbados.  



After following her true calling by becoming a broadcaster at Starcom Network Inc., she won the Caribbean Broadcasting Union’s 2007 award for “Best Commercial Spot.” She quickly moved up the ranks in the areas of Sales and Advertising. She started her Masters in Business Administration and subsequently got promoted to the position of Regional Advertising Manager of the One Caribbean Media Network in 2009. Later that year, she was awarded Certified Digital Marketing Consultant status by the Radio Advertising Bureau, USA. With responsibilities across the Archipelago, her name has become associated with sales expertise and media training, as she played a pivotal role in creating the Caribbean Super Station, the first of its kind, broadcasting simultaneously, 24/7, to over 7 Caribbean islands, with 100% Caribbean content.

In 2010 she again won a Caribbean Broadcasting Union award, this time for “Best Public Service Spot” and during the same period, was appointed COO of Starcom Network Inc. During her tenure as COO, she implemented several new broadcast ideas, which promoted the stations to higher levels of visibility, with concepts such as “The Great Morning Crunch”“The Hott Mobile” and “The Hott Reading Room,” the latter created during casual conversation with her colleague, Liesel Daisley, but having a positive impact on hundreds of Barbadian children.

In 2012 Veoma was awarded the Global Water Partnership Award by the Pan American Health Organization, for her production of radio features on resource conservation. After ten years’ service to Starcom and by extension, One Caribbean Media, she resigned in November of the same year. In 2013, she helped launch “Couples Magazine” catering to a niche international market, but with a Barbadian focus.  She also conceptualized a children’s character, “Thrifty” and wrote the children’s book, Thrifty Saves the Day,” published by the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-Operative Credit Union. She also worte two other books, "Tommy and The Money Treeand "A Financial Guide for Teens". During this time, Veoma was also approached by a leading local Advertising Agency, SOJE Lonsdale Communications Inc., to head their diverse team. 

She accepted the challenge, while still working on her doctorate in Mass Communications, which she has completed. She continues to share knowledge across the Caribbean and has trained staff at Williams Industries Inc., Massy Stores (Barbados) Ltd. and Wine World Inc., a division of Stansfeld Scott Ltd. She leads teams in App creation and has also completed projects for the European Union and UNICEF. Her charitable work is done through the Cherry Tree Benevolent Fund.



"She has one of the most brilliant minds of anyone I have ever metVeoma is an extremely versatile individual who does her best for everyone's success. "

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