Guide Your Client

Here's a quick tip from me on how to ensure you get your client to do the right thing when it comes to advertising and sales!

-Lots of love and good vibes, Veoma Ali

HOW TO CLOSE LIKE A PRO! you've spent lots of dollah-dollah bills in wooing your client. From the presentation to the vintage bottle of wine that was hand-delivered, you've doled out the dough. Pretty impressive! But - the main question is...have you CLOSED?

If you don't close in sales, you mean nothing to your boss or your business. That's the entire point of a successful sales person. So how do you get it done?

1. Ensure you have exactly met the expectations of your client. Don't create a contract with a tax-exclusive figure, only to have the contract sent back, with the client stating that the figure agreed upon was intended to include tax! That's just an example, but you get the drift...

2. Give your client a deadline and a reason. The deadline for signature is not an ultimatum. So, make it fun! If you want the signature back in two days, give the client a benefit. For example, "this offer lasts until Monday, so please sign as soon as you get the chance to do so."

3. WALK WITH THE CONTRACT or booking order or sales sheet...whatever piece of paper it is that needs the client's signature, walk with it when going to meet the client. After you ask the golden question, "Are you ready to come on board?" Pull out the sheet and your pen (a nice-looking one, chewed up excuses for pens!) and offer it graciously to your client.


Lots of love and good vibes,

Veoma AliHeart