Choose your Brand Ambassador Carefully!

Many brands are cautious when it comes to recruiting #brandambassadors as any negative elements associated with the ambassador (the celebrity chosen to represent the brand) are usually spilled onto the brand itself. 
However, some brands choose to stand by their chosen representatives. It's a fragile topic, but all brand managers must consider the pros and cons of hiring a brand ambassador and any potential repercussions. 

-Lots of love and good vibes, Veoma Ali 💓

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Just One More!

Today I didn't feel like having breakfast. "Oh, just a cold glass of MILO® Philippines and I'll be good to go," I thought.

By noon, I was so hungry that the receptionist's fingers looked like Grace Foods sausages. more call had to be made. Truth is, I could have left the office and gone to have my favourite Café 195 & Bistro but I decided to stay in office and make that one more call. Guess what? The call resulted in a sale. A BIG sale.

Moral of the story: when you think you're too __________ (place feeling here) to continue and you want to give up, make just one more call; have one more meeting; inspire one more person...and the results you'll get will add up to one awesome feeling! 

-Lots of love and good vibes, Veoma Ali💓

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What's Love Got to Do with it?

Sooo...this may sound a bit mushy, but it's impossible to have a client for life without that 4-letter word: LOVE! This is because love embraces all the fundamentals of making and securing a sale:

- L: listening to your client. Understanding what your client needs is especially important in order to chart a way forward and create strategy

- O: open your heart to the client. Treating his business like yours will go a long way. I've seen sales people try to sell "ice to an Eskimo". Now...why would you do that?!? Only sell something to your client that would benefit him/her

- V: verify that you understand your client's expectations. Minutes of meetings, asking questions and sending a first draft of a concept are simple ways to ensure that you're both on the same page

- E: entertain! Clients are people too! They love to eat, drink and have a good time. So, find out your client's sweet spot and indulge it. In this way, you also build a relationship that would ensure your client becomes a friend.